Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Cleaver & Elvis Live

I am so behind on blogging. I have about ten posts to edit etc, I just cant stop cooking! and eating, sadly.
Anyhoo, a few weeks back Daniel and I ventured to Oxford for his birthday to see Elvis Live. After a bit of a lengthy drive and ridiculously long search for a car park that wasn't a complete rip off (we failed and paid a fortune!) we ducked into the Cleaver and hoped for the best.

I loved the decor, not too polished but very clean with an industrial feel. Everything was reused too, scrap metal and wood from an old pier etc. My favourite was these mismatched lights.

The menu was very simple, which I like. I think having a few great dishes is so much better than a vast menu of crap. There were burgers, ribs and chicken to choose from. A few varieties of each and some sides.

Daniel went for a cheeseburger, fries and slaw and I went for a bowl of ribs and sweet potato fries. 

Everything was really great, melt in your mouth ribs, crunchy sweet potato fries and this cheesecake was the perfect mix of creamy and tart with its berry coulis.

I highly recommend The Cleaver if your ever in the Oxford area. They do take out too! How great is that! We wish we lived closer.

We are both big fans of The King and Elvis Live sounded great. I must admit I was a little disappointed to find that the hologram, Harry Potter's moving pictures style that I was expecting was actually just a projected video of Elvis' live performances. 
Maybe my expectations were too high, they usually are.

I quickly got over my disappointment though and thoroughly enjoyed myself. We both did. During the interval we moved to the balcony to stand as it was a tad squashed in our seats. There was much more room up high for dancing.

I do highly recommend both The Cleaver and Elvis Live. However I think you've missed your chance to see The King but have a little look just incase. Uh huh!

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