Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Brioche Bun Love

Right. I love brioche. In loaf form, cake form whatever form I can find. But Aldi now stock brioche burger buns. These are hard to find, so I have stocked up and popped them in my freezer incase they stop selling them. This would be a serious mistake.

We love a good burger in our house but we are both very picky about them. It's so easy to get a crappy burger. Dry, greasy or gristly. But I think not only do you need a great patty but you need a great bun. One that is soft enough to squidge so you can fit it all in your gob. The brioche bun is also a little sweet and it's very light. All complimenting the meaty goodness inside.

We go for bacon cheese burgers, every time. They rule. So I buy the aberdeen angus burgers from Aldi, they are fresh and always lovely and juicy. They are big boys too. 
I then fry them in a pan getting a good crust on the outside and then cooking on a lower heat to cook the middle. Half way through cooking I pop in two rashers of smoked streaky bacon. Do NOT use non streaky, its lame.

Whilst the meat is a cooking I prep the extras. I butter the rolls, slice up the tomatoes and chop the cheese. I add mature cheddar to mine along with a cheese slice but leave it out of Dans.

God, look at it. But wait, before you serve it up I like to toast my buns in the frying pan butter side down for a minute or so to give a little colour and texture, whilst they are toasting I pop the cheese slices on the burgers while they are still in the pan until melting perfection is completed. I then construct the burgers and serve with skinny chips or home made wedges. It's up to you. Go mad.

A burger isn't the only way to serve a brioche bun, no no no. Why not add pulled pork? I've given you my recipe before on the blog so go back and take a peek.
Pull it and shuv it into your toasted brioche buns with extra BBQ sauce and enjoy!

I'm off to stuff my face. I suggest you do too.

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