Friday, 15 August 2014

Lone Star Grill Milton Keynes

Right, you need to read this post. It's important!
Lone Star Grill. It doesn't look much from the outside, but all the best places don't. 
It's situated just inside MK, really easy to find. It's by the Sainsburys and nestled in a pretty odd little shopping area. We have been like 5 times since finding it, we didn't find it very long ago. Shhhh. Oh and we are going again on Saturday with the Mother and John.

I apologize hugely for the pants pictures but it's dark in there and I was too excited. They have tomato ketchup squeezy tomatoes. Yay.

Cool interior, warehouse like with very high ceilings. It doesn't seat very many so you might have to wait. If you live in MK then they do take out! I may move to MK just for this.
I don't get excited about much, but I do about food. Then usually I am sad and disappointed, not this time. Even Daniel who isn't a 'foodie' nearly wept over his wings.

I went for the coke float, best thing ever. They do great shakes too, very weird flavours. More on that later.
They also gave us free pretzels, we have only been given these once though, I just realised. I feel cheated.

I have one complaint. The smoker was broken! I'm not complaining about this really, they cant help it. What I am complaining about is that they didn't tell us until I went up to order! I had to re order last min and I hate that!
Thats my only moan, promise.

Worlds worst picture alert 
I was giddy from the smokey aromas 

This doesn't look too great but trust me, it was. I went for the meatloaf with homemade baked beans and texas bread. The beans were the highlight, truly great. The meatloaf was yummy too. And it was served in a little red basket. Hearty, homemade food. No freezers or microwaves. Finally.

I had the mac n cheese as a side. Nice but a little watery for my taste. I prefer the school dinner kind. You know the kind I mean, crusty on top, thick and oozy.

Daniel went for the Buffalo Wings. He ate them in silence, looking very sweaty.
He seriously LOVED them. Like loved them so much he spoke about them the entire way home. I have never seen him too bothered over food, this is how I know these were good. Plus I stole a bite. They come with ranch and celery.

He got sweet potato fries for his side. They were great. Best we've had. 


Right, don't judge. We went again, the next day! We took Katie and Daniel along for the ride. They also loved it. Look how happy he looks.

This is the Peanut Butter and Jelly shake. It literally tasted like a PB&J sandwich.

Old Stout Cider for Dan and a Cream Soda for me. I heart CS.

Dan went for the Honey Mustard wings. They were also great, but I think he preferred the Buffalo.

We went for some sides, Hush Puppies. Which are southern sweet corn fritters.

Katie went for the pulled pork in a brioche bun. Also lovely.

Another side of bacon wrapped cream cheese stuffed jalapenos. Amazing. Hot. Dan ate them all, the cheese hater. 

We went for both skinny fries and sweet potato fries. Both Yum. I dislike chunky chips. Unless they are extra crispy and fluffy, which they usually are not. 

Daniel C went for the Southern Fried Chicken Burger with the 4 cheese blend and chorizo. Looked great!

The hush puppie close up.

I went for a bacon burger with the 4 cheese blend. It was a cracker. Oozy and moist meet with squidgy cheese, all melty and yum. The brioche bun is the star though, it makes the burger.

Look at that cheese. Oh my god, I'm starving and I cant wait until Saturday!

Watch and name twins.

They do cool beers too with lovely little labels. 

We polished off the meal with two key lime pies. I ate one to myself as my Dan isn't a pudding fan. 

All in all Lone Star Grill is amazing. It's family run, fresh, a little quirky and the food is wonderful. I cant say I say that much about anywhere else. We have been searching for somewhere exactly like this for ages. We are so glad we found you LSG and we will be back. On Saturday to be exact. Get exited Mum and John! I am going to defo have the smoked brisket.

Also we owe Katie and Daniel another trip, we haven't forgotten!

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